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Definitely the most intriguing way to experience Vieques, is a Vacation home rental Villa A-16-N Vieques Villa Gallega or its stuio. These hidden treasures in a Caribbean island with total absence of noise, traffic lights, duty free shop, shopping malls, cloned beach row condos, paparazzi and urban sound. Peace is a note of honor and pride on Vieques,  a 20 mile long island, surrounded by the most serene Caribbean Sea, about 11 miles off the east coast of the  island of Puerto Rico, with miles and miles of unspoiled white sand beaches. Vieques offers more than 5 dozen sparsely populated pure sugar like white sandy beaches, sky blue crystal clear water, a natural phenoma the bioluminescent bay and hilly subtropical green unspoiled forest. On Vieques island’s there are two coastal towns, Esperanza and Isabel Segunda, both have small bars, cafes', a little riviera, restaurants and small town shops.

Nearly 60% of Vieques — close to 19,000 acres — is now a natural wildlife refuge, and the largest in the Caribbean. The US Navy, which used the Isla Nana for 60 years as a bombing range, turned it over to the United States Fish and Wildlife fund in the spring of 2003.

Vieques Puerto Rico, Year 2011. A Passo Fino horse looked up to our orange car from the grey asphalt but, like a perfect Viequense, didn't seem to be in much of a hurry. As the bright jeep idled at the rural intersection, the six-foot tall horse closed his eyes licked the grass and seemed to weigh its options. On the right hand, it had a familiar patch of perfectly warmed asphalt; on the other side, a pretty large colored machine threatened disturbance of peace.

In the mind of this beautiful horse, the only appropriate response to imminent disturbance  seemed to be a profound, abiding Vieques indifference.

This was not a demonstration of razor-sharp survival instincts you see on the nature shows, the quick "fight or flight" reaction destined to save a species. The brown quadruped weighed its options with all the urgency of an overweight cabbie on a smoking break.

The classic confrontation of nature versus machine lasted about 7 seconds, with the frill-backed animal eventually yielding the roadway. With a roll of the eyes and the typical 'Vieques' lethargic waddle, the Passo Fino disappeared into the roadside mesquite thicket where it probably stashed its pack of fresh 'pasto', weed.

On this pocket size, Puerto Rican island of Vieques, the roadside flora and fauna are constant natural  reminders of the island's super slow, low beat or steady tempo. Wild horses graze for hours in the shade of sunbay and other beachside coconut palms. Thin Brahma cattle plod between pastures on the paved roads, refusing to dignify honking foreign automobiles with a glance. In the beachside town of Esperanza, few dogs roam freely but never bother to chase or bark at passing traffic. Instead, they watch the typical Vieques mud-splattered trucks amble past, looking bleary-eyed and sluggish.

Modern Vieques feels definitely like a border town but also as an emerging, paradisaical, calm tourist destination. For years Vieques managed to keep a low-key image, the island, or Isla Nena De Vieques, was known mostly to veteran Caribbean travelers and others willing to keep 'the secret'. But the last few years, glossy shiny international travel magazines, newspapers and TV networks have lavished a lot of attention on Vieques, cooing over its pristine, secluded sugar like white-sand beaches and proclaiming the island to be the season's "undiscovered last treasure of the Caribbean".

The timing of the attention is no real surprise. Vieques officially entered the tourist spotlight on May 1, 2003, when the Navy, the island's largest landowner, withdrew from its holdings and turned over control to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. This sudden power shift transformed nearly 80 percent of Vieques from a limited-access military enclave to the Caribbean's largest wildlife refuge.

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